Welcome to Calvary

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At Calvary Episcopal Church, we are pleased to welcome all newcomers to our community. We hope you will give us a chance to get to know you and that you will want to get to know us better. Our congregation is a unique tapestry of friendly and faithful Episcopalians who come from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. We welcome diversity, and we gain strength, knowledge, faith and joy from one another.

Our times of service are on Sundays: a spoken service at 8:00 a.m. (Holy Eucharist, Rite I) and a service with music at 11:00 a.m. (Holy Eucharist, Rite II). The nursery is open on Sunday mornings during worship services and during the Christian Education hour.

You’ll find many opportunities to be involved here. We have numerous committees, groups, outreach ministries, missions abroad and other activities that will allow you to grow in fellowship and put your faith into action. Our preschool’s reputation is excellent and our EYC is one of the area’s most active youth groups. New voices are always welcome in our youth and adult choirs. From Usher Committee or Altar & Flower Guild, Episcopal Church Women and the Needlepoint Guild to our community outreach initiatives and annual mission trips to Costa Rica, you’ll find a rewarding area where your talents and time will be valued and well-spent.

Please take a look around this website to learn more about our church and don't hesitate to e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the parish office at (252) 823-8192 if you have further questions.

Whether you are just visiting Tarboro, curious about Christianity, looking for a church home, or searching for a community that will embrace you as you are, we welcome you warmly and unconditionally. There is room at Calvary for you. Come share your faith journey with us.


Back Pack Buddies

We will be providing 75 backpacks per week.

Appropriate food donation list (suggestions but not limited to the following):

Breakfast Items:  Individually wrapped cereal, pop tarts, cereal bars, granola bars, Individual packs of oatmeal or grits, etc., Juice Boxes, Milk Boxes

Entrees:  Ravioli, Spaghetti O's, Spaghetti with meatballs, individually packaged Mac and Cheese, Beef Stew, Soup, Beef a Roni, individual packages of tuna, Beans and Franks, and ramen noodles, individual packages of rice and beans etc., Canned vegetables and beans

Snacks:  Dried or canned fruits, fruit chews, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, goldfish, pudding or jello cups (non-refrigerated), and individual packages of cookies or chips, etc.

We do not want large family size bags or boxes of food.  All servings must  be individual servings and factory packaged (we can use boxes that contain individually packaged items), providing for the child that receives the backpack.  Pop-top cans are best, as some children will not have access to can openers.  Our goal is to provide 4 entrees, 2 breakfasts, 2 snacks, 2 juice or milk per week.  Also, please be aware of expiration dates as your item may not be sent home with a child for a couple of weeks.

Backpacks will be packed every Tuesday at 6:00PM and Thursday at 10:00AM beginning on November 3, 2015.  Packing will take place in Jenkins Parlor in Memorial Hall at Calvary Episcopal Church.  We will also need volunteers to deliver backpacks on Friday mornings beginning November 6th to Patillo School and to pick up the backpacks Tuesday mornings beginning November 9th from Patillo School and deliver them back to Calvary to be repacked that night.


From the Green Sheets: (Synthesized and Summarized)

Family/ Community/ Belonging


God / Beauty / Faith


Sanctuary / Home / Safe Haven


Foundation / Learning


Joy / Kindness



There is a humming here in our Parish, a joyful energy that can only be of God.  We who gather here are sensing that positive side of change— Perhaps those of you who studied the Living Compass Curriculum remember that upward J Curve! I think, for this remarkable moment at least, that is where we are. It is not that change will not occur, but that we have weathered changed together, and our view is more of the forest than the trees.

The Stewardship Statistics show that we have both gained and lost.  For the most part, the losses are due to relocation---on either side of Paradise.  Sometimes people cannot change with us, and leave for a while only to be called back by those things on the Green sheets.  But then other wonderful people come to be with us, people who are seeking a place to call home, and to share God with others.  Our community is porous, just as God intended.

I have a dear friend, who after visiting several times, has proclaimed this town in which we abide to be ‘Magical Tarboro.’  And there are many things about this town that are good, but I am sensing that for many of us, Calvary is close to the center of all that is wonderful.

And of course, none of that would happen without

  • Staff -- Luis and Lorena and Peggy make it happen. Luis and Lorena are in the kitchen right now making it happen! And truly, functioning without Peggy would be unimaginable.  She is the keeper of all of the logistical pieces which challenge the Rector as she goes about gathering us into community. In the Hybrid sense, our Pre-School is both a part of us and also brings us into the world. Under Cathy Worsley’s energetic and joyful leadership, both Calvary Pre-School and Wonderful Wednesdays are booming.  Marlem keeps the nursery as a sanctuary for our littlest parishioners.  Chris Pharo has added both maturity and youth and delight to wonderful music program (Yay Choir!) that was already strong; he has now expanded those gifts into EYC.  He will be a new neighbor as well, and I am counting on all of us to both welcome him AND give him the privacy he deserves.  [You know what I am saying! ;-)] --And Louise---well, Louise makes every other church in the Diocese jealous of Calvary Parish.  There is not a better Deacon, liturgically or in ministry. Look at the backpacks if you do not believe me.  I am grateful every day that she is here, and well and strong.  Now I just have to keep up!


  • We have so many groups that also work hard to keep a variety of ministries and activities going.  The ECW feeds and beautifies our space, filling in the gaps in community need whether it be soup and bread, communication or new appliances. The Men’s group, under Sammy Anderson’s good Leadership, is beginning to really get wind beneath the wings.  Barbara Lee has brought so much delight by turning our little adventurers into little angels....at least for those few moments on the steps!  Our Altar Guild and Flower Guild continue to make sure that our worship is not only appropriate, but beautiful. Jean Nash, Lisa Coltrane and Laura Temple are about to hand over the reins to Courtney Pitt and her team, but their leadership has been transformative, making sure that the next generation can learn and serve.  Jane Thorne’s amazing leadership as Flower Guild Chair has brought flora and probably any moment will bear fruit as well!  I have mentioned Lauren Jenkins already, and commended her for her great leadership as Stewardship Chair.  How blessed we are that Renee continues to lead the Churchyard and Tripp Owens is stepping down and handing off the Ushers after a long tenure of scheduling that ministry. Bob Cassanova continues to document this Parish in wonderful ways that keep images of who we are in front of us.  Libby Whitehurst is stepping down after a SIGNIFICANT time of scheduling Lectors; PLEASE—I have been praying over all of you—please let me know if taking on this ministry would be something you could do.  Our spouses would likely appreciate it if the Clergy did NOT do this ministry! And finally, Bill Long has a very quiet and dedicated commitment to making us technologically sound.  He is so patient for those calls like, (wailing) THE PRINTER WON’T DO THAT! Or please help us switch Internet Providers to one that will actually work!


  • I am likely forgetting so many people, but by now you do not want me to keep talking! Please just know that while time to make a comprehensive list did not occur, I notice and I appreciate all that you do.  We ALL notice and appreciate.


  • Before I finish, however, I cannot fail to recognize the devotion of Mahlon DeLoatch, who spends countless hours as our Treasurer making sure that the community that is growing and thriving will also stay afloat!  And the Vestry, under our Senior Warden Billy Urquhart’s careful and thoughtful leadership, has done such good work this year.  He has been so supportive in the right ways, whether being affirmative or saying, “Janey, I do not understand where you are going, and if *I* don’t. . . “ Mears Pitt has done such as fabulous job as Junior Warden that it is with both joy—and no little regret!—that I have asked him to serve as our next Senior Warden and he has accepted.  Our slate of those standing for Election was so wonderful that I have no doubt that our strength in this ministry will continue to thrive.


  • Finally, if you will allow me a moment of personal privilege, I would like to thank my spouse, who along with God (it takes teams on both earthly and heavenly plains,) keeps me centered, and joyful and replenished, so that I can continue to love what I do here every day. He provides balance, works hard in Christian Formation and in other ministries.  (If you have not yet noticed the re-painting on the Font Letters, take a look.  That is exactly the kind of quiet ministry which he brings among us) Gratitude is not a strong enough word.


  • Thank you for calling me here and for allowing me to continue serving.  This is the best of places and I truly believe that next year will see God ever more present in our midst.